HUA Hong

Full Professor of Palaeontology, Department of Geology, Northwest University
229Th North Taibei Road
Xi’an, Shaanxi, P. R. China
Phone: 0086-29-88303003 (office)
Fax: 0086-29-88304789


Short curriculum and Awards
Professional career
(i). Professional Preparation:
● Ph.D., 1998.  Paleobiology  Nanjing Institute of geology  and  Paleontology

● M. Sc., 1990. Paleobiology  Northwest University
● B. Sc., 1987.Geology  Northwest University
● Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2001. Geology , University of Saskatchewan
● Postdoctoral Fellow, 2003-2006. Paleobiology Nanjing Institute of geology and Paleontology
(ii). Appointments:
● 2006 – present   Full Professor  Northwest University
● 2003 – 2006    Associate Professor        Northwest University
● 1992 – 2003    Assistant Professor       Northwest University

(iii). Awards and Honors:
● 2010   Chair,  Fossil algae committee, China

● 2009   Standing director, Paleontological Society, China

● 2007   Vice-chair, Paleontological Society Shaanxi
● 2006   New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, China

● 2004  Director, Paleontological Society, China

● 1998  Director, Fossil algae committee, China


Selected publications(Journals (peer reviewed monograph and articles)

Yuan Xunlai, Chen Zhe, Xiao Shuhai, Zhou Chuanming  & Hua Hong, 2011 An early Ediacaran assemblage of macroscopic and morphologically  differentiated eukaryotes. Nature, 470, 390–393

*Cai, Yaoping, Schiffbauer, J. D., Hua, Hong, Xiao, Shuhai, 2011 Morphology and paleoecology of the late Ediacaran tubular fossil Conotubus hemiannulatus from the  Gaojiashan Lagerstätte of southern Shaanxi Province, South China. Precambrian Research, 191:46– 57

*Cai Yaoping, Hua Hong, 2011.Discussion of First finds of problematic Ediacaran fossil Gaojiashania in Siberia and its origin. Geological Magazine. 148 (2): 329–333.

*Cai Yaoping, Hua Hong, Xiao Shuhai, Schiffbauer J. D., Li Peng,2010. Biostratinomy of the late Ediacaran pyritized Gaojiashan Lagerstätte from southern Shaanxi, South China: Importance of event deposits. Palaios. 25(8): 487–506.

Hua Hong, Chen, Zhe, Yuan Xunlai, Xiao Shuhai, Cai, Yaoping,2010. The earliest Foraminifera from southern Shaanxi, China. 2010. Science in China. 53 (12): 1756–1764.

*Deng Hui, Hua Hong,Hui Wei,2010. Decay and disarticulation experiments of three arthropod species. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica, 49( 3) : 407- 412

*Wang Xin, Hua Hong, Han Wei, 2010. Depositonal environment and biostratinomic model of the Early Cambrian Kuanchuanpu biota from Southern Shaanxi. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica,, 49 (1) : 125 – 132

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* Li Peng, Hua Hong, Zhang Luyi et al.,2007. Lower Cambrian phosphatized Punctatus from southern Shaanxi and their ontogeny sequence. Chinese Science Bulletin, 52(20): 2820-2828

Zhang Xingliang, Hua Hong and Reitner, J. 2006. A new type of Precambrian megascopic fossils: the Jinxian biota from northeastern China. Facies, 52: 169-181

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Zhang, Xingliang and Hua, Hong,2005. Soft-bodied fossils from the Shipai Formation, Lower Cambrian of the Three-Gorge area, South China. Geological Magazine, 142: 699-709.

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Hua Hong, Brian R. Pratt & Zhang Luyi,2003. Borings in Cloudina shells: Complex predator-prey dynamics in the terminal Neoproterozoic. PALAIOS, 18(4-5): 454-459

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Selected Synergistic Activities in past five years:

2009  Member of the Organizing committee, International Discussion Meeting on Continental Geology and Tectonics

2008  Co-chair, second  Workshop and Summer School on “Architecture of Collisional Orogens: Eastern Alps versus China Central Orogenic Belt”, and co-leader of field trip to Qinling Mt.

2005  Co-leader of Fourth International Symposium on the Cambrian System field trip “The Neoproterozoic and Cambrian of south Shaanxi

2007 – Editor: Evolution of Life


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