PU Ren-Hai

Professor, male,born in Chencang, Baoji, Shaanxi in Feb.1962. Phone: 862988302388; Email: purenhai@nwu.edu.cn


Interpretation of Seismic Data

Progresses in Petroleum Geophysics

Progresses in Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology


Seismic interpretation in hydrocarbon exploration or development, especially seismic reservoir predictions, sedimentology, structural geology and basin analysis


2000-2001   Visiting scholar in University of Regina, Canada

1995-1999    Ph. D., Northwest University, Xi’an, China

Specialized: Complex Reservoir Characterization.

1987-1990    M.sc. Geoscience University of China, Beijing, China

Major: Seismic/ Sequence Stratigraphy.

1979-1983    B.sc., Geology College of Chengdu, Chengdu, China

Major: Petroleum-Gas Geology and Exploration .



1 Pools characterization of low-amplitude structure of Sangtamu, Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,1997

2 Research on Triassic sedimentary microfacies of southern Akekule Uplift of Shaya Uplift in Tarim Basin, Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,1999

3 Reservoir Prediction of Sha 3 Member of Duqiaobai Block in Dongpu Depression,commissioned by Zhongyuan Oilfield,1999

4 The Carboniferous reservoirs prediction of Tahe No 5 field,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2001.

5 Prediction of under-salt reservoir and trap evaluation of Tahe field,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2002.

6 Research Chang8-Chang10 depositional facies and controls on reservoirs distribution in Lingyanding region, commissioned by Changqing Oilfield,2002.

7 Formation mechanism and spatial distribution of volcanic rocks in Tahe Field,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2003.

8 Peripheral selection and evaluation of development block of Tahe oilfield,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2003.

9 Division and correlation of Silurian-Carboniferous Bachu Formation and research on seismic facies in southwestern Tahe Field,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2004.

10 Reservoir characterization and prediction of Yaoyingtai block,Commissioned by Sinopec East China Branch,2004.

11 Upper Paleozoic reservoir prediction and described in southwestern take ,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2004。

12  Ordos basin oil gas coal  and uranium coexistence status and relations,sponsored by 973 national project,2005

13 Evaluation of large and medium-sized targets in Changling sag,Commissioned by Sinopec East China Branch,2004.

14 Caledonian structural evolution and karst development in Akekule,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2005。

15 Distribution and exploration targets of Volcanic rocks in Changling Depression,Commissioned by Sinopec East China Branch

16 Dedicate division and correlation,sedimentary microfacies and trap identification of Silurian –Carboniferous Bachu Formation in Southwestern Tahe Field,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2006

17 Kinetic evolution of Upper Paleozoic paleostructure and paleoenvironment in Tarim basin, Commissioned by Geoscience University (Beijing),2007

18 Silurian-carboniferous exploration target in Tarim Center, Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2007

19  High-resolution sequence stratigraphy and favorable goals research in shiwu sag, Sinopec northeast branch appointment,2008

20  Upper Paleozoic reservoir prediction in Yanchang exploratory area, Yanchang oil and gas exploration company appointment,2008

21 The seismic interpretation and comprehensive evaluation of Yili Basin,Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2008

22 Prediction of special low permeability reservoir of Block 350 in Algeria,commissioned by PetroChina research institute ,2009

23 Research on tectonic evolution and accumulation conditions of Upper Composition in Lower Yangtze area,Commissioned by Sinopec East China Branch,2009

24 Research on Chang4+5 stable production plan of Danba block in Yanchang western area, commissioned by Yanchang Oilfield,2010

25 Prediction of Cretaceous stratigraphic and lithologic pool in the eastern Yakela Fault Arch, by Sinopec Northwest Branch 2011

26 Sedimentary facies and reservoir distribution prediction of Kepingtage formation in Well Shun9 block, Commissioned by Sinopec Northwest Branch,2011


1 National Science and Technology Major Projects 25, No: 2011ZX05025-06, commissioned by CNOOC Research Institute,2011

2 National Science and Technology Major Projects 5, No 2011ZX05001-003. commissioned by PetroChina Research Institute,2011

3 Analysis technology of seismic sequence and seismic facies of Mesozoic Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin, commissioned by Changqing Oilfield Institute ,2011

4 Seismic reservoir prediction and characterization of well Honghe 73-74 area in Zhenjing block, commissioned by Sinopec North China Branch, 2012


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National Invention Patent:A method of identification of subtle reservoir in same sand-clay velocity of rocks, No:zl200510041911.x


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