KANG Wei-Dong

Comes from fugu county of Shaanxi Province,was born in December of 1960. Was Han nationality,who graduated from Hydrological geology engineering in department of Geology in Hebei Geological Institute in January 1982. Was engaged in February, 1982,who was transfered in Department of Geology in Northwest Uninversity in 2002 and has been in promotion for the professor in 2011.

He was mainly engaged in teaching and research in geological engineering,who has taught postgraduates and undergraduates Hydraulics and Seepage theory, Water resources system analysis, Groundwater stochastic simulation, Underground flow numerical simulation, Hydrology geology survey and evaluation of water resources, Petroleum fluid mechanics courses, all previous undergraduate students were guided in the wild hydrogeology practice and graduation thesis writing,he has trained postgraduate 15.

In the scientific research projects, Hosted and participated in various projects more than 70 items, including hosted to the national natural science foundation in key projects, the national land and resources and science research project, national and provincial scientific research project, China geological survey geology survey projects 30 items, hosted nearly 20 large and medium-sized water supply and water sources survey evaluation, hosted of geotechnical engineering, in geological hazard and environmental impact assessment project nearly 10 , hosted and take part in local water resources project construction of more than 10; acquired the second prize of scientific and technological achievements in ministerial, science and technology achievements of third prize, geological prospecting results third prize two items; Published more than 30 papers, et.al. Book 2 department.

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