REN Zhan-Li

Ren Zhanli
Title: Professor (PhD supervisor)
Degree: Doctor
Office Tel: 029-88302202

Lecture name :
Basin thermal evolution and hydrocarbon accumulation (Graduate), hydrocarbon accumulation chronology method and application (Graduate),The progress of the oil and gas geology (Graduate), The principle and application of the basin analysis (Graduate),Petroleum geology integrated research(Graduate), Petroleum Economic Evaluation and Management (Undergraduate),etc.
Research experience and results:
Mr. Ren graduated from Department Geology of Northwestern University, Oil and Gas Geology professional in 1983, in the same year he stayed on to teach at Petroleum section of Geology Department of Northwestern University untill now.He received his master’s degree and doctor’s degree in 1988 and 1998. he is joint training of Daqing Oil Field and Northwestern University Postdoctoral. he study on Songliao Basin from1999 to 2002 in Daqing Oil field for post-doctoral research work.In 1995, he was promoted to Associate Professor.He was promoted to Fellow in 1999.He was selected as a PhD supervisor in 2001.
Mr. Ren is mainly engaged in the tectonic-thermal history of sedimentary basin and Oil and gas relations and oil and gas evaluation, And other aspects of teaching and research work.Mr. Ren serve as the Secretary-General as a member of the China Petroleum Society of Professional Committee of the basin. And a member of the geothermal Professional Committee of Chinese Geophysical Society. He is a member of Shaanxi Province Petroleum Society Petroleum geological Committee.He is the director of Shaanxi mineral rock geochemistry. He is one of the experts of the Group of Bureau of Xi’an Mineral Resources and Bureau of Xi’an Water Resources,etc.
Mr .Ren presided over the national 973 project topics, Major national special topics, the a eleventh five -year plan of science and technology of China, Major research projects of the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Major basic research projects in Daqing Oilfield, China National Petroleum Corporation “Ninth-five-year Plan”, more than 30 projects of the major oil companies and horizontal cooperations, Mr. Ren completed independently monograph of China northern sedimentary basin structure thermal evolution history research(Petroleum Industry Press). He has published more than 80 academic papers in journals such as the “Science Chinese “, “Chinese science bulletin” , and ” Chinese Journal Geophysics “, and” Acta Geologica Sinica “, “Acta Sedimentologica Sinica”, ” Acta Petrolei Sinica”, “Chinese Journal of Geology “, ” Oil & Gas Geology”, “Progress in Natural science” and so on,included 7 SCI, 3EI.
Mr Ren has awarded seven Provincial and ministerial awards, Presided over the completion of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia superimposed basin sedimentary structure thermal evolution history of recovery in the oil and gas exploration in 2011 won the first prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Provincial Government
(Ranked first); He presided over the complete history of thermal evolution of sedimentary basins in China and the oil and gas resource evaluation projects by the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Second Award in 1994 (Ranked first); In northern China sedimentary basin structure thermal evolution history of the University Natural Science Award (2001) was awarded the second prize (first); Completion of the doctoral thesis “northern sedimentary basins constructed thermal evolution history and the comparative study” won the 2003 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.He received a special government allowance in 1996. He won with outstanding contribution of shaanxi province, young and middle-aged expert in 2003. He received by the experts with outstanding contributions by the Shaanxi Province in 2005.

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