Dr., Associate Professor
Department of Geology, Norwest University, Xi’an China
229 Taibaibeilu Road, Xi’an Shaanxi Province, China 710069
+86 (29) 8731 6977   ruizhanggeo@gmail.com


PhD, Geophysics                                                            2010
University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canda
MS, Quaternary Geology                                                     2004
Northwest University, Xi’an, China
BS, Geology                                                                2001
Northwest University, Xi’an, China


Associate Professor                            February 2012— Present
Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xian China
Assistant Professor                            March 2010—January 2011
Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xian China
Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant        September 2006 —January 2011
Department of Physics, Science Faculty, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB Canada
Research Assistant                                       

Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academic of Sciences, Beijing, China       20042006
Northwest University, Xi’an, China                                                   2001—2004


♦          Interpretation of the prehistoric monsoon routes in Chinese Loess Plateau by using the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility.

♦          Discovery and Reconstruction of the paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes at stratigraphic boundaries in Cenozoic.

♦          Set up the connection between tectonic movements and paleogeomorphic trap at centralAsia.


International Graduate Student Scholarship, University of Alberta,2006

 Alberta’s Graduate Students Award, 2009

American Geophysical Union (AGU) assembly meeting 2009 Student Award,2009

Shaanxi Government Award for Recruitment Program of Global Experts (Hundred Talents program),2011


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