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Male, born in 1967, Han, Ph.D., a graduate student mentor;

Resume: In 1988, he graduated from Changchun Institute of Geology, major in Geology and Mineral Exploration in Geology Department, and received the Bachelor’s degree; he received the Master’s degree in petrology from East China Geological Institute in 1991; and in 2005, he received the Doctor’s degree in Geochemistry fromNorthwesternUniversity. From 1991 to 2003, he worked in 203Institute ofNuclear Industry Northwest Geological Bureau about sandstone type uranium deposits in geological research and the corresponding analysis of the basin; he was promoted to senior engineer in 1999. From 2005 to now, for the Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity, he engaged in teaching and research work as a teacher. Mainly engaged in the geological studies of the petrology, geochemistry, energy geology, mineral and energy-related basin analysis, etc; now bear the “geochemical” (undergraduate), the teaching of the “basin analysis” and “energy geology” (graduate); for the moment, the main major is energy geology and basin analysis, and the current direction is mainly a variety of energy and mineral occurrence and Basin reservoir (mine) system.

He has presided or participated in the project of the National Key Basic Research Development Program (973), National Natural Science Foundation, the national research “305″ project, the Youth Science and Technology of China National Nuclear Corporation Fund, the Changqing Oilfield, Nuclear Industry Corporation and other research projects a total of up to 20 items (see Annex 1); and in 2005, he was selected as the backbone of teachers Innovation Team by Ministry of Education about” Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team Development Plan” “Energy Basin Petroleum Geology” (IRT0559). A total award four of the China National Nuclear Corporation (provincial and ministerial level) Science and Technology Progress Award, Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award (see Annex 2). By the end of 2011, both at home and abroad as the first author published papers 26 (see Annex 3).

Annex 1. Responsible for or participate in part of the representation research projects:

1. National Natural Science Foundation ofChinaproject: “A research on oil and gas dissipation effects of diagenesis and mineralization stable isotope tracer-to the northeast ofOrdosBasinas an example (2012-2015), ranked first.                                                                       

2. Sub-project of State Key Development Program for Basic Research of China (973 Program) “Northeast of Ordos Basin, oil and gas dissipation alteration characteristics and its judgment   on signs (2004-2009)”, ranked first.

3. Department of Land & Resources of Qinghai Province, “A research on gold ore-controlling factors and prospecting direction in Dachang area,Qinghai Province” (2010-2012), ranked first.                                                

4. State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics (NorthwesternUniversity) independent research project, Dongsheng deposit with the seam “like petrified wood geological characteristics and genesis of significance (2009-2011), ranked first.                                                                   

5. Department of Land & Resources of Qinghai Province, “Cobalt metallogenic regularity and prospecting potential of Tuolugou-Dulenggou area,Qinghai Province “, (2009-2010), ranked first.

6. Department of Land & Resources of Qinghai Province, ” 1/50000 of remote sensing geological research of Dachang area,Qinghai Province “, (2011-2012), ranked first.

7. Bureau of geology & mineral exploration of Qinghai Province landscape orientation program,

  “Basi Lake polymetallic ore census 1:1 million geological preliminary survey of Naqu’anduo County,Tibet “, 2011.

8. A research on Cenozoic sedimentary system and tectonic evolution ofOrdosBasin(2004-2006). The Principal is Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, ranked second.  

9. The regular pattern of spatial and temporal distribution for oil-gas-coal-uranium coexisting inOrdosBasin(2008ZDKG-48). Major science and technology project of “13115″ scientific and technological innovation engineering ofShaanxiProvince(2009-2011), ranked second.

10. “A research on sandstone-type uranium minerals and alteration in Dongsheng area” (2002-2003). Geological Bureau of Nuclear Industry Corporation, the project is “Ore-forming conditions and mineralization characteristics of in-situ leachable sandstone-type uranium in north of Ordos Basin” in the sub-topics,ranked first.

11. The southern margin ofTurpan-HamiBasinfromBaijuMountainto Dihar region uranium ore-controlling factors and resource potential assessment (2002-2003). The national “Tenth Five-Year” period “305″ scientific and technological project “Xinjiang advantage of mineral resources exploration and evaluation “,the sub-topics of the total project “Turpan-Hami Basin in leaching sandstone-type uranium evaluation of new area development” (2001BA609A-07-13),ranked first.

12. A research on interlayer oxidation zone development characteristics and ore potential of Lower Cretaceous,WesternOrdosBasin(1998). Nuclear Industry Northwest Geological Bureau, ranked second.

13. A research on uranium deposit metallogenic environment and composition of substance in Wukuerqi-Zhajisitan, Yili basin (1995-1996). Nuclear Industry Northwest Geological Bureau, ranked third.

14. A research on special type of interlayer oxidation zone of uranium mineralization metallogenic potential and in-situ leaching geological conditions in Suhongtu basin,Inner Mongolia(1994-1995). China Nuclear Industry Corporation, the Youth Science and Technology Fund, ranked first.

15. The basic geological features, the output control conditions and uranium mineralization of pegmatite intensive area in Shangluo-Danfeng region, between 1993 and 1994, Nuclear Industry Northwest Geological Bureau, ranked second.

Annex 2. Won the major awards:

1. Shaanxi Science and Technology Award of Higher Education First Prize (2010), the award-winning name is: “Gas dissipation and its alteration, mineralization effect of northeastOrdosbasin”, ranked first.

2. Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize (2010), the award-winning name is: “The evolution-transformation kinetics ofOrdosbasin, and accumulation & formation for multi-energy mineral deposits coexisting in the same basin “, ranked fourth.

3. One of China National Nuclear Corporation and ministerial level scientific and technological progress third prize (1997) (provincial and ministerial level), the award-winning name is: ” A research on special type of interlayer oxidation zone of uranium mineralization and in-situ leaching geological conditions of Suhongtu Basin, Inner Mongolia”, ranked first.

4. One of Nuclear Industry Northwest Geological Exploration Bureau Scientific and technological progress third prize (1998), the winning name is: “The basic geological features, the output control conditions and uranium mineralization of pegmatite intensive area in Shangluo-Danfeng region”, ranked second.

Annex 3. Published papers as first author:

1. Wu Bolin, Qiu Xinwei, Zhang Can, Hu Liang, Liu Chao and Liu Chiyang. Geological effect of hydrocarbon dissipation and epigenetic alteration in northeast of Ordosbasin. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, 45 A (1) (2009): 33 – 48.

2. Wu Bolin, Zheng Gui,Zhang Aijia,Wang Weiyang,Qiu Xinwei, Wang Jianqiang, Hu Liangand Zhang Benhao. The different characteristics and geological significance of reduction alteration of sandstone-type uranium deposits in Northwest Region of China. Energy Exploration & Exploitation, Volume 27 Number 4 2009 pp. 261-275(SCI).

3. Wu Bolin, Xu Guowu, Liu Chiyang, Qiu Xinwei, Wang Jianqiang, Hu Liang and Zhang Benhao. Alteration Effects of Hydrocarbon Dissipation in the Dongsheng Uranium Deposit, Ordos Basin-Explanation for Green Alteration and Bleaching Phenomenon. Energy Exploration & Exploitation. Volume 27, 2009, Number 3.181-199(SCI).

4. Wu BoLin,Liu ChiYang  Wang JianQiang. Basical Characteristics of Fluid Geologic process of Interlayer Oxidation Zone Sandstone-type Uranium Deposit. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences,2007,50Supp.:185-194. (SCI).

5. Bolin Wu, Liang Hu, Chao Liu, and Xinwei Qiu. Petrology Characteristics of green alteration sandstone in Dongsheng deposit and its genesis research. World Journal of Engineering, 2008, 5(4):1001.

6. Bolin Wu, Liang Hu, and Xinwei Qiu. Characteristics of Nature Gas Leakage and the alteration effects in the northeast ofOrdosBasin. Journal of Engineering, 2008, 5(4):1002.

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12. Wu BoLin, Zhou LuMin. Metallogenic physica-chemical conditions analysis of Julong’an uranium deoposit in Xiangshan Orefield Journal ofNorthwestUniversity(Natural Science Edition), 2006, 36(1):119-124.

13. Wu Bolin, Quan Zhigao, Wei Guanhui, Peng Xinjian, Wang Jinping, Li Zhanyou, Xu Gaozhong, Liu Chiyang & Zhang Fuxin. Basic geological and geochemical characteristics of sandstone type uranium deposits in southwestern margin of Turpan_Hami Basin. MINERAL DEPOSITS, 2005, 24(1):32-43.

14. Wu BoLin, Liu ChiYang. Basic Mineralizing Feature and Metallogenic Interactions Evolution of Sandstone-type Uranium in Middle-Asia and Its Adjacent Areas. See Liu Chiyang editor: Advances in the Accumulation and Formation for Multi-enegy Mineral Deposits Coexisting in the Same Basin, Science Press, 2005:215-228.

15. Wu BoLin, Liu ChiYang, Zhang FuXin, Fang Xiyan, Xiao Xinjian, Liu Xiong. Geological and geochemical characteristics of Dongsheng sandstone-type uranium mineralization ofOrdosBasin. 2005, the Conference of “OrdosBasinand its adjacent areas in the new generation of evolutionary dynamics and its resources & environment effect “, Compilation of Abstract, P60.

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