MIAO Jian-Yu

Miao Jianyu, PhD, Professor, Northwestern University, Department of geology Petroleum Department of teachers. Shanxi province Taigu County, in 1978 graduated from the Northwestern University Department of geology, and stayed as a teacher. In34years, he has taught undergraduate and graduate of petroleum geology, oil and gas field development, introduction to reservoir study and evaluation, petroleum organic geochemistry, oil and recent progress of natural gas geological study courses, Graduate12 people graduate, is guiding the master graduate student 4 people,1 were doctoral students guide.

In recent years, in petroliferous basin source rock sedimentary research, sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the basin combined, changed the simple study of hydrocarbon source rocks in the traditional method, the organic geochemistry of petroleum, petrochemistry and geochemistry of combine, hydrocarbon source rock organic matter deposition, retention and thermal evolution characteristics of. In the oil and gas reservoir in the basin research, focuses on the exploration of reservoir sedimentation, into rock evolution characteristics and oil, gas law. In the study of lithofacies paleogeography at the same time, with particular attention to and closely related with reservoir sedimentology research, to deposit into rock, focusing on the role of sedimentary rock,, action mechanism and process, and the combination of sedimentary microfacies research, exploration of reservoir pore structure and reservoir porosity, permeability in sand in the body of the distribution and variation. At the same time, using the theory of sequence stratigraphy, concepts and ideas, study on occurrence characteristics and oil gas reservoir forming conditions and sequence characteristics of the relationship between. In petroliferous basin of mudstone caprock deposition research aspect, mainly focusing on the macroscopical and microcosmic combine, from argillaceous rock pore structure, explore the Caprock Sealing capacity. Discuss on different geological environment based on.

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