LIU Lin-Yu

Linyu Liu

Professor, Doctoral tutor,Department of Geology, Northwest University

Basic information:


Office: +86 29 88307671

Fax: +86 29 8830 4789

Address:NorthwestUniversity, Department of Geology,

No.229North Taibai Road,

Xi’an,Shaanxi, P.R.China

Mailcode: 710069


Areas of Expertise:

Sedimentary Basins Analysis, Sedimentology of Reservoir, Reservoir Evaluation and Predication, Oil & gas Exploitation and Enhanced Recovery.


Porfessor Liu’s research and teaching interests center on sedimentology of reservior and oil & gas exploration and exploitation. Mainly included the following aspects: 1) Applying the theories of reservior geology to the oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Studying the sedimentary characteristics of reservior, relationships among lithology, logging properties, physical properties and oil-bearing properties to evaluted the reservior and predicate the distribution of oil and gas. Using diagenesis to reservior geology research. 2) Applying the theories and methods to the development of oil and gas field. Adjusting the dynamic performance of oil and gas fields to reduce water production and increse the oil production. Arranging the development methods to enhance oil and gas recovery. 3) Applying the relative theories of sedimentology into the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. Using sequence stratigraphy to classify and compare stratum sequences, to buildup isochronous frameworks and models, to forecast the facies, to recovery the palaeogeographic environments, and then to predict the distribution of potential source-reservoir-seal assemblages on the basis of system tracts. 4) Using the theories and methods of sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy to sedimentary basins analysis. Through the changes of tectonism, eustatism, sources supply and paleoclimate to study the evolution of sedimentary basins.




Current Research Programs & Projects:

1. Fundamental geology research and design of Water injection in Shuangcheng oil region, Hengshan. (¥500,000)

2. Study of control factors affecting high production of Chang81 reservior in Zhenjing area. (¥200,000)

3. Research of reservior characteristics and four porperty relationships of Chang81 inZhenjing area. (¥200,000)

4. Calculation of the newly proved reserves of petroleum in Shijiapan region, Wayaopu oilfield. (¥420,000)

5. Distribution of Chang4+5 sandstones and Comprehensive evaluation of reservoir. (¥450,000)

6. Evaluation and modeling of Chang8 reservoir in eastern Zhenjing area. (¥200,000)

7. Evaluation of Chang8 reservoir in northern Zhenjing area. (¥200,000)

8. Depositional systems of Chang6 to Chang8 stages in area of Sancha to Heqi. (¥300,000)


Education and research experience:

Liu Linyu, professor, borned in December 1965, ZiBoShandongProvince, graduated from Department of Geology, NorthwestUniversity, in 1988, and received his Ph. D of Oil-gas Ddevelopment from NorthwestUniversityin 2003. Now, he is mainly engaged in Sedimentology and Energy Geology research. He had undertaken more than 20 research projects from National 10th Five-Year Plan, 11th Five-Year Plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) , the Ministry of Education, PetroChina, Sinopec, and Yanchang oilfield Group and etc. After years of teaching and scientific research practices, he made a series of scientific achievements on sedimentology, oil-gas reservoir geology, oil-gas field development and hydrocarbon-accumulation geology, including: (1) Put forward the conception of “effective clastic rock” , make deep study in the formation of effective clastic rock, later reconstruction and its influences on the rulers of hydrocarbon existence which enriched the theories of reservior geology; (2) Mak further study in the origins of secdonary pores and put forword the main influences on reservoir pore textures; (3) Study the relation between diagenetic transformation of clay minerals and reservior proverities of clastic rocks. Carry out ” a new type of the transformation of clay minerals ” which enriched the theories of sedimentology of reservior; (4) Analyze the origins of the secondary pores in clastic, carry out a new method of ” Predicting the zones of secondary pores according to the quantitative parameters of authigenic minerals in clastic rocks” which enriched the theories of oil-gas field development.



1. “Comprehensive research of Petroliferous basins and petroleum systems”. Second Prize of Natural Science by Ministry of Education in 2002 year.

2. “Mapping of areal geology and comprehensive translation of geophysical prospecting profiles”. First Prize of Science and Technology Advancement by the Board of Education of Shannxi province in 1997 year. ( Participant);

3. “Tectonic features and origins of south margin of Bogurda Montain”. Second Prize of Science and Technology Advancement by the Board of Education of Shannxi province in 1997 year. ( Participant);

4. “Evaluation and prediction of reservior in Turpan -HamiBasin”. Second Prize of Science and Technology Advancement by the Board of Education of Shannxi province in 1997 year. ( Participant);

5. “Sedimentary system research of Turpan -HamiBasin”. Third Prize of Science and Technology Advancement by the Board of Education of Shannxi province in 1998 year. ( Participant);

6. “Secondary pores in Mesozoic sandstones, Turpan -HamiBasin”. The Best Paper Award of No. Five Natrual Science of Shannxi province in 1997 year.



Undergraduate : Crystal optics and Petrology

Sedimentary Petrology

Graduate: Principles of Sedimentology

Sedimentology of Reservior

Progress on Petrology (Sedimentology part )

Doctoral student: Principles and progress on Sedimentology



Books and teaching materials:

1. Chief Editor.2012. Crystal Optics and Petrology. Beijing: Geology Publishing House. Textbook of National 11th Five-Year Plan.

2. Participant. 2010. Crystal optics and petrology practice tutorial.Beijing:Higher Education Press.

3.Teaching materials for undergraduate:Crystaloptics and sedimentary rocks practice tutorial.

4. Teaching materials for graduate: Principles of sedimentology.



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