ZHU Lai-Min


State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics
Department of Geology
Northwest University
Xi’an 710069, P. R. China
Tel: (86)-29-88302202
E-mail: zhulaimin@nwu.edu.cn
Teaching: “Ore Geology” for undergraduate; “Ore Deposit Geochemistry” and “Environmental Geochemistry and Global Change” for graduate student.
Current Research Projects: Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 41030423 and 41072068) and MOST Special Fund from the State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, China (Grant No. BJ11061).

Recent Publications of First or Corresponding Author:

(1) Zhu Laimin, Zhang Guowei, Chen Yanjing, Ding Zhenju, Guo Bo, Wang Fei, Lee Ben. Zircon U-Pb ages and geochemistry of the Wenquan Mo-bearing granitioids in Western Qinling, China: Constraints on the geodynamic setting for the newly discovered Wenquan Mo deposit. Ore Geology Reviews, 2011, 39: 46-62
(2) Zhu Laimin, Zhang Guowei, Guo Bo, Lee Ben, Gong Hujun. Geochemistry of the Jinduicheng Mo-bearing porphyry and deposit, and its implications for the geodynamic setting in East Qinling, P.R. China. Chemie der Erde-Geochemistry, 2010, 70: 159-174
(3) Zhu Laimin, Guo Laodong, Gao Ziyou, Yin Guan, Lee Ben, Xu Jiang. Source and distribution of lead in the surface sediments from the South China Sea as derived from Pb isotopes. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2010, 60:2144-2153
(4) Zhu Laimin, Xu Jiang, Wang Fei, Lee Ben. An assessment of selected heavy metal contamination in the surface sediments from the South China Sea before 1998. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 2011,108: 1-14
(5) Zhu Laimin, Tang Jianwu, Lee Ben, Zhang Yu, Zhang Feifei. Lead concentrations and isotopes in aerosols from Xiamen, China. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2010,60:1946-1955
(6) Lee Ben, Zhu Laimin, Tang Jianwu, Zhang Feifei, Yu Zhang. Seasonal variations in elemental composition of aerosols in Xiamen, China. Geochemical Journal, 2009, 43: 423-440
(7) Zhu Laimin, Zhang Guowei, Guo Bo, Lee Ben. He-Ar isotopic system of fluid inclusions in pyrite from the molybdenum deposits in south margin of North China Block and its trace to metallogenetic and geodynamic background. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009, 54(14): 2479-2492
(8) Zhu Laimin, Ding Zhenju, Yao Shuzhen, Zhang Guowei, Song Shigang, Lee Ben. Ore-forming Event and Metallogenic Geodynamic Setting of the Wenquan Molybdenum Deposit in Gansu, West Qinling. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009, 54(13): 2309-2324
(9) Zhu Laimin, Zhang Guowei, Lee Ben, Guo Bo, Gong Hujun, Kang Lei, Lv Shiling. Zircon U-Pb dating and geochemical study of the Xianggou granite at the Ma’anqiao gold deposit and its relationship with gold mineralization. Science China Earth Sciences, 2010, 53: 220-240
(10) Lee Ben, Zhu Laimin, Zhang Guowei, Guo Bo, Gong Hujun, Yao Anping. Geological characteristics, metallogenic background, and genesis of the Tongyu VHMS copper deposit in the west part of the North Qinling, Shaanxi Province. Science China Earth Sciences, 2010, 53(10):1460-1485
(11) Yang Tao, Zhu Laimin, Wang Fei, Gong Hujun, Lu Rukui. Geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic implications of granitic plutons at the Liziyuan orogenic goldfield in Western Qinling Orogen, central China. Geological Magazine, 2012 (In Press).

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