CHENG Shun-You

Male, Ph.D., Professor of Tectonophysics,Department of Geology,Northwest University,China
A member of the Chinese Geophysical Society,A regular member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU),and a member & deputy director of the professional,Committee for the Mathematical Geology and Computer Applications in Shaanxi Province.


2002-2006,Ph.D. ,structural geology,Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China
1984-1988,M.S.,Structural geology,Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China
1978-1979,For further study,geophysics,Department of geophysical exploration,Chengdu College of Geology (now Chengdu University of Technology) ,Chengdu,China
1973-1976,B.A,geology,Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China

Work experience:

2007~present,Professor,Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China
1993~2006,Associate professor,Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China
1984~1992,Lecturer, Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China
1976~1983,Teaching assistant, Department of Geology,Northwest University,Xi’an,China

Teaching experience:

1. For undergraduate
1980-1993,Geophysical Prospecting
1988-2010,Geoscience information processing (computer applications in geology)
1993-present,Introduction to geophysics
2. For M.S/Ph.D.
1995-2009,Applied geophysics
2000-present,Geodynamics/ Lithospheric dynamics.
2009-present, Progress in Geophysics

Professional Experience:

1. Research Interests:
(1) The lithosphere –mantle structure, composition and state of intracontinents by seismic tomography, focusing on the lithosphere rheological structure of the basin-mountain coupling and its geodynamics.
(2) Deep structures from satellite gravity and magnetism funding by the National Natural Science, Ministry of Science and the special and the China Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, China National Petroleum Corporation, SINOPEC, Ministry of Land and Natural Resources.
(3) As a geological and geophysicist,Having Investigated the Qinling and Dabie orogenic belts,the Tianshan,Xuefeng orogenic belts and researched the Tarim,Sichuan,North China basins.
Being a regular member of AGU, for several times attending to international meetings(32 IGC,33 IGC and 34 IGC), cooperation with the University of Salzburg, Austria, field trips to the Alpine orogenic belt.

(2)Research projects:
2010~2013,Jointing“The formation and the evolution of North-south tectonic belt: a deep structure and dynamics”program funding by State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics.
2006~2009,Taking charge of ” Deep structure of Yangtze continental tectonics and marine oil and gas”Program funding by SINOPEC.
2008~2009,Being responsible for “Lithosphere today’s distribution of residual stress field and earthquake disasters relationship research” program funding by the State Foreign Experts Bureau.
2001~2004,Jointing “the present three-dimensional structure of the state and dynamics” Derived from “the formation of evolution and continental dynamics in the West Qinling – Songpan tectonic node” Key project funding by National Natural Science Foundation “.
1993~1997,Participating “Regional Geophysical Field and Deep Structure “Derived from Major projects ”Composition,evolution and dynamics of the Qinling tectonic belt” funding by National Natural Science Foundation.
2001-2002,Overall responsibility for “The nappe tectonic and basin evolution of Kunlun Mountains – Qinling – Dabie orogenic belts and their both sides funding by Southern Branch of the SINOPEC.
2004-2005,Overall responsibility for “the East Qinling – Dabie Mountains, northern margin of the tectonic evolution of characteristics” and “Oil and gas prospective evaluation in the northeastern margin of the adjacent in Tarim basin” funding by Henan oil field of the SINOPEC.
1992-1993,Taking charge of “Qinba gravitational field structural characteristics and the relationship with the minerals” funding by the Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project.

Published papers:

More than 30 papers have been published,selected publications:
1. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei, Li Li. Qinling orogenic belt of lithospheric electrical structure and its geodynamic implication, Chinese Journal of Geophysics (in Chinese), 2003,46 (3) :390-397
2. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei and Lili, Lithospheric Electrical structure of the Qinling orogen and its geodynamic implication, Chinese Journal of geophysics, 2003, 46 (3) :556-567 (SCI-E)
3. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei, et al., Crust-mantle decoupling and tectonic delamination in the western Qinling-Songpan continental tectonic node, Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2007, Vol. 18 (Special Issue) :463-465 ( SCI-E and ISTP)
4. Wang Xiaoduo, Cheng Shunyou, et al. The feature of satellite magnetic anomalies and structure over Sichuan basin and adjacent areas. Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2007, Vol. 18 (Special Issue) :456-457 (SCI-E and ISTP)
5. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei, et al., A preliminary study on the lithospheric thermal-rheological structure of the East Qinling orogenic belt. Frontiers of Earth Science in China, 2007, 1 (1) :116-120
6. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei. A preliminary study on the lithospheric thermal rheological structure of eastern Qinling orogenic belt (in Chinese) Journal of Northwest University (Natural Science Edition), 2005,35 (5) :601-605
7.Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei. Qinling orogenic belt lithospheric dynamics model:from the evidence of magnetotelluric sounding (in Chinese),Journal of Northwest University (Natural Science Edition), 2004,34 (5) :591-595
8. Cheng Shunyou, et al., Upper Yangtze craton within western China continent has thickened and weight lithospheric root. 33 IGC,2008,Aug. 15-22,Oslo,Norwey.
9. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang Guowei, Guo Anlin, et al. 2004, 3D lithospheric structure of the Songpan-Ganzi block in the western China and its tectonic implications. 32nd IGC abstracts, Aug,20 ~ 28, Florence, Italy
10. Cheng Shunyou, Zhang guowei, et al.., 2007, Deep lithospheric structures in the China Central Orogenic system and Tibetan plateau, the see UniversitÄt, of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Workshop, and Summer School on Architecture, of Collisional Orogens: the Eastern Alps versus China Central orogenic belt: Salzburg, Austria
11. Cheng Shunyou,Long Hui. Multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in the oil and gas resource evaluation (in Chinese). Computing techniques for geophysical and geochemical exploration, 2002,24 (4) (Chemical Abstracts CA ON CD included by USA).
12. Cheng Shunyou. Implementation of heuristic teaching to develop students’ innovative ability (in Chinese). Higher Education of Science, 2004 (3).
13. Cheng Shunyou,Diao Bo.The content optimization and teaching methods of geophysics (in Chinese). Higher Education of Science, 2004 (4).
14. Zhang Guowei,Cheng Shunyou,Guo Anlin,et al. Mianlue paleo-suture zone on the southern margin of the Central Orogenic system in Qinling-Dabie—with a discuss of the assembly of the main part of the continental China (in Chinese). Geological Bulletin of China,2004,23(9-10):846~853
15. Cheng Shunyou, Guo Anlin, Lu Xiaofang. Geological and geophysical evidences for Chishui – the Lianyuan E-W strike tectonic zone (in Chinese), Earth Science Frontiers, 2010,17 (3) :158-165
16.Wang Xiaoduo,Cheng Shunyou,Xu Xiaoqiang. The feature of high resolution satellite magnetic anomalies over Tarim basin (in Chinese). Progress in Geophysics.

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