ZHAO Hong-Ge

Family Name:   Zhong         Given name:  Hongge

Nationality:    Chinese         Gender: Female

Place of birth:  Shaanxi, P. R. China

Age:  37 years

Marital Status:  Married, with one child

Health:        Excellent

Present Address: 229#North Taibai Road, NorthwestUniversity,

Xi’an,ShaanxiProvince, 710069,China

Phonenumber :  029-88302202

E-mail:        zhaohg_75@sina.com



2000—2003   Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity,Xi’an

Received Ph.D. in Survey and Exploration of Mineral Deposits in 2003

2000—1998   Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity,Xi’an

Received Master’s degree in Survey and Exploration of Mineral Deposits in 2000

1998—1994   Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity,Xi’an

Received Bachelor’s degree in Geology in 1998



2006—present  Department of Geology; State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics in Northwest University, a half-time associate professor (while teaching)

              Research areas: Basin Dynamics, mainly observed in the restoration of proptype basins during basin development, including the restoration of sedimentary boundary, structural environment, attribute and location of the provenance as well as the thermal background. Recently the uplifting of the structural unit or surrounding mountains of the basin is concerned. The methods used are comprehensive, not only traditional structural analysis but also modern dating of fission track, LA-ICP-MS.

Courses offered: Geology inPetroliferousBasins, Petroleum Exploration and Resources Evaluation

2003—2006   Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity;

              Research areas: Basin Analysis specialized in the evaluation of structural evolution and characteristics of later structural reformation in basins by ways of the analysis of structure characters and activities.


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