LUO Jing-Lan

1. Basic information

Jinglan Luo,born in 1957,received her B.Sc. degree and M. Sc. degree fromNorthwestUniversity in 1982 and 1986, respectively. She was once as a visiting scholar for one year cooperative research at the Earth Science Department inSwedenUppasalaUniversity in 1999-2000. She is now a professor of Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources Exploration at the Department of Geology,NorthwestUniversity. She has been focusing her research interests on depositional facies and diagenetic controls on siliclastic reservoir quality evolution, and volcanic-rock related reservoir petrology and lithology, reservoir description and diagenesis since 1989. She finished 20 research on siliclastic depositional systems and facies, reservoir description and depositional facies and diagenetic controls on siliclastic reservoir quality evolution, and 10 volcanic-rock related petrology and lithology, reservoir description, petrography and diagenesis on volcanic reservoir quality evolution projects since 2000, including projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science and Technology Key Projects and National Key Basic Research and Development Project of China, and published over 60 research articles in China and abroad.

2. Research Interests

Jinglan Luo has been focusing her research on two fields: one is tight siliclastic related depositional system and facies, isotopic dating provenance tracing, tight sandstone reservoir description, burial diagentic-hydrocarbon filling process on reservoir quality evolution. She has investigated and surveyed siliclastic revervoirs and hydrocarbon pools in the Ordos basin, Junggar basin, Tarimu basin, Qaidamu basin and Kumukuli basin inChina. Recent ten years, she is mainly engaged her research on tight sandstone reservoir description, burial diagentic-hydrocarbon filling process on reservoir quality evolution, controlling parameters on tight sandstone reservoir quality and oil yield of the Upper Triassic and Upper Paleozoic tight sandstone reservoirs in Ordos basin.

Another research interest for Jinglan Luo is volcanic and igneous-rock related reservoir petrology and lithology, revervoir description, diagenesis, and petrology and lithology and burial diagentic-hydrocarbon filling process on reservoir quality evolution. She has visited and investigated volcanic and igneous-rock related hydrocarbon pools in the North Craton basin, Songliao basin, Liaohe basin, Tarimu basin, Junggar basin inChina.

3. National related Projects

    2002-2004:The National Natural Science Foundation Project: Impact of burial diagensis on volcanic reservoir quality evolution(No:40172055)

2002-2005:The National Natural Science Foundation Project: Formation and evolution of the Cenozoic volcanic rocks in North Craton (No:40133020)

2004-2008: the third grade of the National Key Basic Research and Development Project: Reconstraction of diagenetic history for the Upper Paleozoic gas-bearing sandstones and reservoir quality evolution fromOrdosbasin. (No:2003CB214603-3)

2008-2010:National Science and Technology Key Project: Diagenetic process and reservoir quality evolution of low to very low perpeability sandstones from the Ordos basin(No:2008ZX05008-004-076)

2008-2010:National Science and Technology Key Project: Diagenesis and reservoir evaluation of volcanic reservoir from Songliao basin and Junggar basin(No:2008ZX05001-003)

2009-2011:The National Natural Science Foundation Project: Provenance research of detrital zircons in situ U-Pb dating, Hf and O isotopic trace on the sandstone-type uranium deposit in Dongsheng area, Ordos basin(No:40872083)

2011-2015:National Science and Technology Key Project: Relationship between diagenesis and diagenetic reservoir quality evolution process and hydrocarbon filling of the Upper Paleozoic tight gas-bearing sandsonesin Ordos basin(No:2011ZX05008-004)

3. Presentative Publications

3.1 Publications related to volcanic-rock reservoirs

Luo Jinglan, Zhang Chengli and Qu Zhihao. Volcanic reservoir rocks: a case study of the Cretaceous Fenghuadian Suite,HuanghuaBasin,Eastern China: Journal of Petroleum Geology, 1999, 22(4): 397-415.

Luo Jinglan,Zhang Chengli. Characteristics and oil source for Mesozoic volcanic pools in Fenghuaduian region, Liaohe basin, easternChina. Oil and Gas Geology, 2002,23(4):357-360.

Luo Jinglan,, Shao Hongmei, Zhang Chengli. Summary of research methods and exploration technologies for volcanic reservoirs. Acta Petrolei Sinica,2003, 24(1): 31-38

Luo Jinglan,Liang Zhigang,Lin Renzi. Hydrocarbon charging history and pool-forming model of the Archeozoic-Mesozoic metamorphic-volcanic reservoirs,Xinglongtai Buried Hill,Liaohe basin..Petroleum Geology & Experiment2004,26(3):249-253.

Jinglan Luo, Sadoon Morad,Zhigang Liang and Renzi. Controls on the Archaeozoic-Jurassic Metamorphic-Volcanic Reservoir Quality from the Xinglongtai Buried Hill, Western Depression of Liaohe basin, Chi`s\vl VE`s\vl VAAPG Bulletin,2005,89(10): 1319-1346.   

Luo Jinglan, Zai Xiaoxian, He Faqi, et al. Horizon, Petrology and lithofacies of the volcanic rocks in the Tahe Oil Field, northern Tarimu basin. Scientia Geologica Sinica2006, 41(3): 378-391.

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Jinglan Luo, Tong Lin. Study on the volcanic lithofacies and controls on volcanic reservoir quality of Yingcheng Formation in Shengping Gas Field, Song-liao Basin, China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (Special Supplement), 2008, 72(12S): A574.

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Zhao Fei,Luo JingalnZhang Youping,et al. Investigation on characteristics and controlling factors of Carboniferous volcanic reservoir in the 6th, the 7th and the 9th area of Kalamayi Oil Field. Journal of Jilin University (Earth Science Edition),2010, 40(1):48-55.

Luo Jinglan, Hou Lianhua, Jiang Yiqing, et al. Origin and chronology and tectonic setting of volcanic reservoir from Ludong area, the eastern Junggar basin. Petrolei Sinica, 2012, 33(2):

3.2 Publications related to siliclastic reservoirs

Luo JinglanZhang Chengli,Yan Shike,et al. Effect of burial history on physical property of sandstone reservoirs:Take Yangchang oil region in northShaanxi as an example. Oil and Gas Geology, 2001, 22(20:123-127.

Luo JinglanJ.Marcelo Ketzer, Li Wenhou, et al. Sequence stratigraphy and source-reservoir-cap assemblages of Jurassic-Upper Triassic inYanchangOilProvince. Oil and Gas Geology, 2001,22(4):337-341.

 Luo Jinglan, S. Morad, Zhang Xiaoli, et al. Reconstruction of the diagenesis of the fluvial-lacustrine-deltaic sandstones and its influence on the reservoir quality evolution—Evidence from Jurassic and Triassic sandstones, Yanchang Oil Field, Ordos Basin. Sciences in China (Series D), 2002, 45(7): 616~634

Luo Jinglan, Guo Deyun, Yin Peng, et al. Major factors control l ing reservoir-quality of the Upper Triassic Chang 2 sandstones in the Panl ong Oil Area.Journal of Northwest University (Natural Science Edition). 2003,33(6): 723-728.

Luo JinglanZhang Fuxin,Jia Heng,et al. Petrology and diagenesis of uranium- bearing sandstones in Dongsheng area of Ordos Basin and Shihongtan area of Tuha Basin. Acta Petrolei Sinica,2005, 26(4):39-45, 49.

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Luo Jinglan, Fu Jinhua, Wei Xinshan, Dai Yaquan,Yang Binhu,Li Jiang, Liu Xiaohong. Analysis of depositional system and paleocurrent on Chang 6 and Chang 8 of the Yanchang Formation in the southwesternOrdos basin. Journal ofChinaUniversity of Geosciences (Special Issue), 2007, 18: 323-326.

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