WANG Zhao-Guo

Wang Zhaoguo, born on MARCH 23,1982, had studied in JILIN UNIVERSITY since 2001, and got the DOCTOR degree in 2010. In JUNE of 2010, he joined the Department of Geology, NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY (CHINA) as a lecturer, and engaged in the research on SOLID-EARTH GEOPHYSICS, CHARACTERISTICS OF SEISMIC WAVEFIELD and SEISMOLOGICAL TOMOGRAPHY. During this period, he has contributed to the projects as the ESTABLISHMENT AND MATERIALS-COLLECTION OF BROADBAND SEISMOLOGY STATIONS, RESEARCH ON THE TECTONIC OF NORTHEAST CHINA, THE 3D STRUCTURE OF LITHOSPHERE IN NORTHEAST CHINA, RESEARCH ON BASEMENT STRUCTURE OF TARIM BASIN, and published thesis including

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[7]     YANG Dong,WANG Dian,LIU Dian-mi,WANG Zhao-guo, JIA Jian-xiu,WANG Shi-yu.Geophysical signature of crust and mantle structures in Nanxiang Basin and adjacent regions and analysis of oil and gas conditions.Global Geology(in Chinese),2008,27(1):48-52

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