Course Descriptions for Sedimentary Environment and Sedimentary Facies

Course Title   Sedimentary Environment and Sedimentary Facies

Credits   2

Hours   36

Course Description

  Sedimentary Environment and Sedimentary Facies is an elective course for undergraduates of Geology or Resource Exploration Engineering. This course helps students understand the main types of sedimentary environments on the earth surface and to identify the characteristics of related facies, subfacies and microfacies controlled by specific environment. The course is designed to acquaint students with alluvial fan, fluvial, glacier and eolian depositional environments, lacustrine, deltaic, barrier and non-barrier beaches depositional environments, clastic-type and carbonate-type marine environments and their sedimentary facies. Furthermore, controlling factors of sedimentation and methodologies are also introduced in this course. The course combines lectures with field work. Guided by the principles of realism, the course focuses on sedimentary environment, processes, media and sedimentary products. The purpose of this course is to cultivate students’ abilities to reconstruct the paleo-environment based on detailed facies marker analysis. The course will help students lay a solid foundation for their future work in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, reconstruction of the paleo-environment in geological time and solving problems related to environmental geology.

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