Course Descriptions for Palaeontology

Course Title   Palaeontology

Credits   3

Hours   54

Course Description

  Paleontology, an interdisciplinary course of geology and biology, is the science that studies the life in geological time. The aims of this course are as follows: to encourage students to grasp the basic concepts and theories of paleontology and to understand the basic processes of life on Earth and the principles about origin and evolution of life; to learn about the important phyla of fossils in the geological history and to master their morphologies and structural characteristics, habits, lifestyle, distribution and geographical distribution of geologic history. Students are also expected to clarify the evolution and development of these fossils and become familiar with the methods of fossil identification. Besides, taking the taphonomy of fossils into consideration, students should know the living conditions or burial environment of fossils and infer ancient geography and ancient climate. Understanding the latest developments and current research focus of international research in paleontology is also the aim of this course.

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