Course Descriptions for Historical Geology

Course Title   Historical Geology

Credits   2.5

Hours   54

Course Description

  Historical Geology is an undergraduate course focusing on evolutionary framework of the Earth in the past 46 million years ago, primarily based on geological evidence recorded in North China and South China continents. A small portion of the global geological history has also been incorporated into this course in order to establish a global geological framework and and a global geological background. The course contents can be summarized as the study of the Earth’s “three history”—evolutionary history of life, secular change of the tectonic movements and sedimentary formations. Emphasis will be given to the interactions among these components of the Earth system and how these interactions have shaped the history of the Earth. Specifically, the course consists of the following topics: sedimentary environments, strata system, historical structural analysis, and Precambrian and Phanerozoic history of China. We aim to encourage the undergraduate students to establish a suite of tempo-spatial geological thinking as well as the skill of how to interpret and therefore to reconstruct the history of the Earth. Keeping major geological events (e.g., biological, tectonic, sedimentary, etc.) of China in mind is also expected after a systematic study of the evolutionary history of North China and South China continents.

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