Course Descriptions for Outline of Geology

Course Title   Outline of Geology

Credits   3.5

Hours   72

Course Description

  Outline of Geology is the science that introduces the composition, inner structure and texture, reaction between inner layers and out layers of the Earth systems, as well as the formation, evolutionary history and geodynamics of the solid Earth. This course introduces students to the basics of geology. We will address topics including formation and classification of minerals and rocks, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, geologic time, Earth’s interior, weathering and erosion, running water, ground water, glaciation, tides, geologic environments, and relationship between geology and humanity. Besides theoretical teaching, the practice is also emphasized, which will offer students a hands-on approach to learning about mineral and rock identification. Students will also participate in a two-day field excursion to the Qinling Mountains. This course aims to help undergraduate students to identify and explain the composition of common rocks and minerals; to explain the theory of plate tectonics and use this theory to explain volcanoes, earthquakes, mountain chains, continental structure and the origin of the ocean basins; to understand the Earth’s surface and internal processes and their significance in the cycle of Earth systems.

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