Course Descriptions for Igneous Petrology

Course Title   Igneous Petrology

Credits   2

Hours   42

Course Description

  Igneous Petrology mainly focuses on the partial melting process, segregation, evolution, crystallization process of magma, as well as the composition, texture, structure, classification, nomenclature, genetic process and its genetic link with the ore-forming process. The course is designed to acquaint students with basic concepts and skills of the magma and igneous rocks, the composition, texture, structure, occurrence, facies of the igneous rocks in field and hand-sample and the skill of microscope. This course also provides a brief introduction to the chemical and physical mechanism in the magmatic process as well as the genetic link among igneous prtrogenesis, plate tectonics and continental dynamics. Through well arranged theoretical and experimental teaching, we expect students to understand the basic concepts, experimental skills and the advanced theories of igneous petrogenesis.

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