LI Wei

Associate Professor

Office: Department of Geology 410

Call Phone: 13991333976


Current Address:

Department of Geology, Northwest University

229 North Taibai Road. Xi’an, 710069

Shaanxi Province, P.R. China

Course Taught

Structural Geology

An Outline of Earth Sciences

Field Teaching Practice:

  1. Anhui Chaohu area field geological practice teaching for undergraduate.
  2. Ordos Basin-Qinling Orogenic Belt comprehensive geological field of teaching practice for Base Class Undergraduate.

Research Interests

Dr. Li’s research focuses on Deformation Structures in the Continental Crust and the study of relationship of the Basin-Mountain Coupling. He combines sedimentary and structural geology analysis to understand the development of the basin and mountain, to constrain the kinematics and mechanics of basin forming processes, and to unravel the tectonic history of mountain belts. At present I dedicated to the study on deformation with numerical modeling. Current field areas of research include the Qinling Orogenic belt of the China Central Orogenic System and the Central Asian Orogenic Belt in West China.

Education Experience


Chinese Academy of Geology Sciences, Beijing; Structural Geology.


Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi’an; Mineralogy Petrology Mineral Deposit Geology.


College of Earth Science and Resources, Chang’an University, Xi’an;

Bachelor Degree in Geology

Professional Experience


Associate Professor of Structural Geology in Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi’an;


Assistant Engineer of Geological Engineering, Shaanxi Institute of Engineering Survey, Xi’an



EGU General Assembly in Austria

Abstract: Fission Track Analysis on Junggar Basin peripheral orogeny and Its Geological Significance

The 3rd Symposium on Structural Geology and Geodynamics, in Guangzhou

Abstract: Structural evolution and its kinetic setting of Mesozoic and Cenozoic basin at the junction of the East Qinling and West Qinling


The 2011 national petrology and earth dynamics seminar

Report: The Western Qinling Huicheng basin filling process and its restriction of Mesozoic intracontinental tectonic evolution

Main Scientific Projects


East and West Qinling transfer zone faults and the relationship between East and West Qinling transfer zone faults and Huicheng basin (National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.40802051), leader


Deformation chronology and uplift history of Liupanshan tectonic belt (Opening Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, Northwest University), leader


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