Course Descriptions for Sedimentary Petrology

Course Title    Sedimentary Petrology

Credits    2

Hours    40

Course Description

  As a fundamental discipline of Geoscience, Sedimentary Petrology examines composition, texture, structure and classification of sedimentary rocks, attitude of sedimentary strata and their contact relationships, with a purpose of providing foundation for illustrating the origin and distribution pattern of sedimentary rocks and further mechanical analysis of their formation and evolution. The course covers petrography,petrogenesis and methodology. Sedimentary lithologies can be classified   into three broad categories: land sources terrigenous clastic rocks, volcanic clastic rocks and endogenetic sedimentary rocks. Petrogenesis mainly discusses the origin and evolution mechanism of sedimentary rocks, including subjects of weathering, transport, deposition and post-deposition variation. On the basis of the composition, texture and structure of sedimentary rocks and their temporal-spatial distribution and variation features, sedimentary facies analysis and environment interpretation also belong to petrogenesis part. The research methods of sedimentary rocks include  sedimentary rock identification in the field, thin section observation and other geology, geochemistry and geophysical measurement in the lab. This course aims to improve students’ ability in identifying sedimentary rock composition, texture and structure as well as its classification and naming. It also aims to cultivate their ability in analyzing the origin and evolution of sedimentary rocks.

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