Course Descriptions for Metamorphic Petrology

Course Title    Metamorphic Petrology

Credits    2

Hours    36

Course Description

  Metamorphic Petrology is a discipline that aims to obtain the metamorphic P-T conditions and their changes with respect to time by studying mineralogy, texture and composition of metamorphic rocks. This will help to decipher many geodynamic processes, such as subduction, collisional orogenesis, continent crust evolution and even the entire earth evolution. The course covers the following five aspects: 1. an introduction to metamorphism and metamorphic rocks; 2. metamorphic reactions and belts; 3. stable mineral assemblages in metamorphic rocks; 4. metamorphic facies, facies series and metamorphic P-T-t path; 5. petrogenesis and origin characteristics of various metamorphic rocks including dynamometamorphic rocks, contact metamorphic rocks and regional metamorphic rocks. The course is designed to acquaint students with the metamorphic rocks and minerals and expect them to master basic theories, research methods, and the formation processes and geodynamic implicaitons of primary metamorphic rocks. Upon the completion of the course, students will improve their ability to apply their knowledge of metamorphic petrology to solving the geological problems and to reconstruct earth evolution history.

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