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On Aug.31, 2012, Mr James Hansen, who is director of HC Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia, was invited to give a lecture entitled “The benefits of industry measuring its carbon footprint” at Room 215, Department of Geology, Northwest University.


Mr Hansen introduced the ways industry in developing and developed nations are beginning to record, calculate and report the CO2 emissions of their activities. He also outlined the international and national contexts within which industry is being to realize the benefits of recording and reporting CO2 data. It is very important to measure the CO2 emission when doing CO2 capture and geological storage. Mr Hansen also used practical examples from the coal mining industry (as it could apply in China) to demonstrate how some Chinese industry leaders could take ‘the first steps’ in beginning to measure the CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) of some of its key sites, or its key operations.


From 2007-2010 Mr James Hansen guided Australia’s largest contract mining company (mining coal, gold, aluminum and nickel for BHP Australia) through the process of beginning to measuring it CO2 emissions, in accordance with its Kyoto protocol and Australian Federal Government obligations. His experience involved overseeing and establishing:

-Data collection programs, methodologies and technologies for use at the mine sites

-Electronic systems for data transfer and reporting across hundreds of sites and facilities

-The applications for converting mine energy use data/volumes, using mathematical equations, into CO2 emissions volumes.

-Means for reporting and analysis of this data for possible opportunities for energy efficiency initiatives.


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