The 2012 Graduation Ceremony and Degree-Granting Ceremony of the Department of Geology was held

In the morning of June 25, 2012,the 2012 Graduation Ceremony and degree-granting ceremony of the Department of Geology was held in Library lecture hall taibai Campus. The Party and government leaders Geology Department,a member of the Academic Degrees Committee, representatives of teachers, some parents and all of the graduates participated in the graduation ceremony.
The ceremony started with the majestic national anthem, the deputy director of the Department of Geology, Professor Zhang Xiaoli hosted the graduation ceremony. He Xiang, deputy director readed out the 2012 session of the outstanding graduates of Northwestern University, and the recognition of outstanding student leaders document. Wang Kang,which was the Department of Party Secretary teacher and Professor Lai Shaocong,which was the head of the Department, presented the award certificates to the outstanding student leaders, outstanding graduates.
After award, participating teachers and students watched together the short film produced by the graduates. graduation on the road scenes come to learn life’s memorable screen so that teachers and students moved to tears. After the movie finished, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Cheung Kong Scholars Professor, doctoral supervisor Professor Shu Degan come up with hope for all the graduates,express their enthusiasm to invite graduates often look back to the Department.
Subsequently, Professor Zhang Xiaoli announced the 2012 list of graduates of degree-granting of the session, Professor Lai SC, Chairman of the Committee of Department of Geology degree, a Ph.D., master’s and bachelor’s degree graduates wave spike, degree-granting. Then the speech given by the 2008 geology (base class) Professional students Liao Xiaoying represited graduates. She emotionally recalled bits and pieces in the school years of school life and field internship, and described the maternal teacher training and teaching, expressed after graduation would continue to carry forward the “Gong Cheng Qin Pu,” motto, inherited geological person fine tradition, maked contributions, winned glory for their alma mater. Next, Wang Kang Shuji on behalf of students and faculty addressed the graduates, 2012 graduates to successfully complete their studies and get a degree in speech to express my warm congratulations to the sweet man ladder, long-term hard work in education and teaching the front line of the general staff, to extend my sincere gratitude and highest respect, hope and all graduates, brought the blessing of the Department of Geology.
Finally, the graduation ceremony ended with the high northwest school song.

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