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Professor JinHai Luo , Doctoral supervisor, e-mail:

Main Courses: Structural Geology and The basis and frontier of structural geology

Research Field: regional tectonic and basin tectonic geology

Research Contents :( i) The integrated research on the regional geology and petroleum geology in western margin of Tarim Basin and south Tianshan; (ii)The research on Pb、Zn Polymetallic deposits ore-controlling structure of the southwest margin of the Yangtze craton .

Professor Luo put forward new points to the west Tarim basin, especially the geologic structure 、geologic evolution and petroleum geologic features of Kashigar depression. According to the stratum、lithofacies、structure、regional tectonics and other aspects ,we have discussed that the northwest margin of Tarim Basin develop the peripheral foreland basin, while the south margin develop rift basin during Carboniferous-Permian. The western Tarim basin presented the tectonic framework of “south extension and north extrusion” during Carboniferous-Permian. The research project “The Compilation of Kashigar Depression and Surrounding Areas1:500000 Plate Tectonics Lithofacies Map and the Research on Basin Type and Favorable Zone” achieved the second prize of technological innovation of Tarim oil filed in 2004.

We put forward new opinions about the correlations between Tarim basin and Central Asia petroliferous basin、Tianshan orogen, and considered that Karakum basin developed under the south Tianshan orogen of late-Paleozoic, the development progress result from the back arc extension which is attributed to the northward subduction of Tethys of southern Central Asia.

As a symbol of the former Tethyan orogenic belt, Kudi ophiolite mélange in the southern Tarim Basin as tectonic buffer zone weakened the arc extension during the northward subduction of southern Paleotethys. Compared with the craton rigid basement of Tarim basin, the rigid block was weak and basement activity more strong in the northern Afghan- southern Tajikistan basin and the Karakum basin, the large sedimentary thickness in Meso-Cenozoic lead to Karakum basin contains abundance oil and gas resource and prospective exploration future. Palaeozoic petroleum system was preserved well by the craton basement of Tarim basin up to now. Moreover, Chu River-Sarysu basin of Central Asia developed under the Northern Tianshan orogen, which geological evolution and the petroleum geologic feature is obviously different with

Tarim basin and Karakum basin.

Through studying the structure of many lead-zinc deposits in the Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou borderland, represented that the Emeishan basalt as Late Permian mantle plume had critical restriction on the lead-zinc mineralization in the region. Emeishan mantle plume induced crustal uplift, resulted in bedding gliding and vertical slipping formed normal faults in shallow crustal layer, and thus formed bedding and vertical fracture zone. They provided migration pathways for hydrothermal ore-forming solution and host space, prompted lead, zinc and other metals precipitate from the hydrothermal solution, and then mineralization. These normal faults were transformed into reverse faults since the Jurassic. Bedding mineral ore were folded since the Jurassic compressional deformation.

The research projects“The High-and Ultrahigh-Pressure  metamorphic terrane and the deep-subduction of continent crust and its  dynamic significance  during early Paleozoic in western China”professor Luo participated and completed won the first prize of 2009 Scientific and Technical Awards of Shaanxi Province.

 Scientific Research and Teaching Projects

Project Name

Project Sources


comparative study and Exploration countermeasures between Kashigar depression and the Central Asia oil gas bearing basin

CNPC New District Exploration Business Department


Study on Controlling of structural features of Kashgar depression on hydrogen accumulation

Tarim oil field


The Compilation of Kashgar Depression and Surrounding Areas 1:500000 Plate Tectonics Lithofacies Map and the Research on Basin Type and Favorable Zone (2003.04-2004.11)

Tarim oil field


Carboniferous – Permian foreland basin evolution and hydrocarbon potential of northwestern Tarim Basin. (2005.04-2006.11)


Tarim oil field


Structural features of southwestern margin in piedmont zone Tarim basin and its relationship with hydrogen accumulation(XBKY05-03)

Sinopec Exploration Command Post of West New District


The structures and exploration potentiality on southeastern margin of the Yangtze plate today(2006-2009)

Sinopec Exploration Southern Company


Study on structure、reservoirs and Petroleum prospecting of Jurassic in east part of the Kuqa depression (2007.12-2009.12)

Tarim oil field


Study on post-collisional orogenesis and sedimentary response of western segment of the southern margin of the South Tianshan


National Natural Science Foundation of China


Study on tectonic deformation、time of stage and age in the southwestern margin of the Yangtze plate(2010.01-2010.12)

Institute of Mineral Resources Chinese Academy of Geological sciences


The research on Pb、Zn Polymetallic deposits ore-controlling structure of the southwest margin of the Yangtze craton

Institute of Mineral Resources Chinese Academy of Geological sciences


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Teaching materials:

(Textbook Series for 21st Century) Geotectology of China And Its Adjacent Regions   Science Press, 2002. Rank 3rd.

Practical guide book of regional geological survey in northern Fenghuang mountain.  Northwest University Press, 2007. Rank 2nd. This textbook won 2nd prize of 2009 Northwestern University teaching achievement award.


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