The outstanding achievements by geology department in the second National Petroleum Engineering Design Competition

The second national petroleum engineering design competition was held at China University of Petroleum in May 19, 2012, including 35 teams coming from 23 universities and Research institutes. The “northwest wind” team formed by Ma Yongping, Zhang Rui won the second prize in single competition through the fierce defense and comprehensive reply ,and the Kunyan team formed by Ma Erping , Hui Wei and the Xuancai team formed by Wang Jing ,Ying hongjia won the encouragement prize and participation prize respectively.
The national petroleum engineering design competition was held by China National Committee For World Petroleum Council, Chinese Petroleum Society , China Petroleum Education Society, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Harding Shelton Group and China University of Petroleum.
The competition combined the principles of study, competition and research successfully , which offering a platform with application, innovation, and communication for all the students and engineers , and enhancing students’ abilities of engineering practice and technology innovation as well as inspiring students to engage in the petroleum industry.

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