CUI Jun-Ping

Cui Jun-ping, doctor of engineering and lecturer, was born in November,1978.Cui was enrolled in the class of national geology education base in Northwest University, P.R.China in 1997 and obtained his B.S degree of geology in 2001, engineering M. degree in 2004, and engineering ph.D. degree in 2007, Department of Geology, Northwest University. After graduation, Cui was selected to teach in the university and his main research focuses on basin geothermal evolution history and oil-gas generation and reservoir.
Research experience
1.The Fission track evidence of geothermal evolution history in Hailaer Basin, Natural Science Fund, in charge.
2.Mesozoic tectothermal events research in Hailaer Basin, funded by The State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, in charge.
3.Research on sedimentary facies of Caganluoer sag and predictive study of favorable regions in Hailaer Basin, 2009-2010, in charge.
4.The regional tectonics and basin evolution in Northeast area. Sinopec’s major research program,2007-2009, in charge.
5.Comprehensive evaluation of single Chun 2 well, southwest of Ordos Basin. Program of Changqing oil field research institute, 2007-2008, in charge.
6.Research on the new tectonic evolution and its major factor controlling the formation of oil-gas reservoir in Songliao basin. Sinopec’s major program in Northeast new area, 2005-2007, in charge.
7.Geological comprehensive evaluation of single Bin Can 1 well in Mulan area of Songliao basin. Sinopec’s major program in Northeast new area, 2005-2006, in charge.
8.Oil-geological comprehensive research in Harbin-Suiyuan area, Songliao basin. Sinopec’s program in Northeast new area, 2005-2006, in charge.
9.Study on the thermal history and hydrocarbon regeneration in Dongpu depression and its neighboring basins. Key program of Sinopec Zhongyuan Oil Field, 2004-2005, major participant.
10.Study on geothermal history and conditions of the migration and accumulation of oil and gas in Hailaer basin and Relaer basin, 2001-2003, major participant.
11.Research on formation mechanism and controlling factor of oil-gas reservoir in Du Qiaobai area, Dongpu depression. Key program of Zhongyuan Oil Field research institute, 2000-2001, major participant.
1.First prize of Shannxi Higher School Science and Technology Award, 2010,as the secondary co-worker.
2.First prize of Shannxi Science and Technology Award, 2011, as the third co-worker.
Major published papers
1.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li,Chen Yu-lin.Study on the relations between Geothermal history and Oil-Gas generation in Beier depression of Hailaer Basin[J],Acta Sedimentologica Sinica,2011,29(2):388-394。
2.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li。Characteristics of present Geothermal Field of the Wuerxun Depression in Hailaer Basin,Inner Mongolia[J],Geoscience,2011,25(3):589-893。
3.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li。Thermal History of Wuerxun Depression in Hailaer Basin,Inner Mongolia[J],Geoscience,2011,25(4):668-674。
4.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li,Xiao Hui,Chen Quan-hong。Study on temperature distribution and controlling factors in the hailar basin[J],Chinese journal of geology,2007,42(4),656-665。
5.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li,Xiao Hui。Relations between the thermal history and petroleum generation in the Huh Lake depression, Hailar basin[J],Geology in China,2007,34(3):522-527。
6.Cui Junping,Ren Zhanli,Su Yong,et al.Research on the relations between present tem-
perature and oil-gas generation in Hailaer basin[J].Petroleum Explo-ration and Development,2007,34(4):445-4507.
7.Cui Jun-ping,Ren Zhan-li,Chen Quan-hong,Xiao Hui。Research on the formation stages of oil-gas reservoirs in Wuerxun Depression[J],Journal of Northwest University(Natural Science Edition),2007,37(3):465-469。
8.Ren zhan-li, Cun Jun-ping ,Feng Jian-hui ,et al.Research on formation stages of hydrocarbon reservoirs in Qiaokou area of Dongpu depression[J]. Oil Exploration&Development,2002, 29(6):15-18。
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10.Ren zhan-li,Zhang Sheng,Gao Sheng-Li,Cui Jun-ping, et al.Relationship between thermal history and various energy mineral deposits in Dongsheng area,Yimeng uplift,Oil &Gas Geology,2006,27(2):187-193。
11.Kang Li-ming,Ren Zhan-li,Cui Jun-ping, et al. Recognition and evaluation of Cretaceous source rocks of Bin-can 1 well in the north of Songliao Basin and its implications [J]. Earth Science Frontiers,2007,14(6):257-266。
12.Ren Zhan-li,Liu Li,Cui Jun-ping, et al.APPlication of tectoni-thermal evolution history to hydrocarbon accumulation timing in sedimentary basins[J]. Oil &Gas Geology, 2008,29(4):502-506。
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14.Feng Jian-hui, Ran Zhanli,Cui Junping,et al.Analysis on Gas-Source Rock Correlation in Duqiaobai Area of Dongpu Depression[J]. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica, 2003,23(2):350-354.
15.Ren zhan-li,Zhang Sheng,Gao Sheng-Li,Cui Jun-ping, et al. Research on region of maturation anomaly and formation time in Ordos basin[J].Acta geologica sinica ,2006,80(5):674-682。
16.Gao Sheng-Li,Ren zhan-li,Cui Jun-ping, et al. The feature and accumlative geologic conditions about shallow gas in Huhe Depression[J]. Journal of Northwest University(Natural Science Edition),2006,36(6):962-966.
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