LU Ru-Kui

Lu Rukui was born on November 24th 1969, in Fengyang county, Anhui province, who graduated from Xi’an Geology College in July of 1991 and received doctor degree of structural geology in Northwest University in December of 2008. He obtained professional qualification of Geological Mineral Engineer in April of 1997 and Senior Engineer of Geological Mineral in January of 2003, respectively. He has been engaging in investigation and research on regional geology and mineral geology for long time, presiding over multiple geological maps with scale of 1:50000 and 1:250000 of survey projects on regional geology and mineral geology. Also he presides over a general program of National Nature Science Foundation of China(NSFC) and a independent research subject of State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, Northwest University. Besides, he participates in multiple projects of State Key Foundation and basic research projects of China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation. Study areas involve Qinling-Dabie orogenic belt, Tan-Lu fault zone, Tibetan plateau, Altun Tagh fault zone and South China continent as well as North-South tectonic belt, etc. Additionally, he has certain practical experience and research ability of observation and study on regional structure, geotectonics, and outcrop-scale structure and microstructure and he acquires good research results in these fields.

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