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The goals of personnel training in the Department of Geology, Northwest University are: Planting firmly in the Northwest China, having the whole country in mind and the whole world in view, devoting heartedly to his motherland, a reserved talent full of innovation spirits and distingished characteristics.

The department has turned out, over the past 5 years, 602 graduates of different levels, of whom 35 are doctors, 66 masters, and 501 undergraduates. The total number of full-time students of undergraduate, postgraduates working for master’s degrees and Ph.D. candidates has changed from 222¡¢32 and 20 in 1996 to that of 358¡¢71 and 33 in 2000, the ratio of students and teachers from 1:6 to 1:11.7. It focus on training students into excellent qualified talents with solid and broad theoretical foundation, complex knowledge structure, and extensive practice. The undergraduates in this department has established their prestige both at home and abroad, and their supplying falls short of demanding in recent years. The graduates are ardently welcomed to be recommended or admitted to go on their studying leading to the Master or Doctoral degrees by a variety of renowned higher educational institutions and research centers throughout China. The implementing of individual tutorial system for undergraduate, encourages students to fall into scientific research in their early stage, greatly boost their innovation spirits and scientific research ability. Many undergraduates have gotten their research papers published. The dissertations qualified for Master or Doctorial degrees put into practice the ¡°three-Without¡± appraise, namely without name of candidate, without name of director, and without acknowledgements, which improves a great deal to the quality of graduates. 2 doctorial theses in this department have won the national ¡°100 superexcellent Doctoral Thesis¡± in 1999 and 2000.

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